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Exploring the Secrets of Spaceship Sound Effects

I love reading. When I read, I am transported to another world, as described and defined by the author. And yet, there is one thing I’d love for books to have: sound effects. One of the things I love about movies, ever since reading about the amazing work done by sound engineers in Star Wars, […]

Writers: Stop Romanticizing Rejection

Here at Azure Fire Publishing, we want to promote youth-friendly fantasy and science fiction through writing challenges. We offer publishing contracts to those who succeed, helping them enter the publishing industry. Part of our reasoning is that we have identified a system failure in the publishing industry; one that we are keen to address. The […]

2017 Spring ‘Keep Writing’ Challenge Winners

Here at Azure Fire, our mission is to: Enrich the literary heritage of youth-friendly fantasy and science-fiction; Inspire, teach, publish, and enable new authors of all ages and ethnicities to produce youth-friendly fantasy and science-fiction works promoting imagination, creativity, literary traditions, and tolerance; and Encourage people of all ages and ethnicities to read and be […]