First Annual Meeting

Months of effort have paid off. Azure Fire Publishing has stepped out into the sunlight – yes, the sun does come out in Seattle from time to time. On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, the Azure Fire Publishing Board of Directors held the first annual corporate meeting adopting the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Directors’ Agreements, and 2017 project plan.

All three Directors have signed agreements to move all of their fantasy and science-fiction titles into standard Azure Fire Publishing contracts. The novels are now working their way through the publication process the Directors have been working to establish. This move makes Azure Fire Publishing the representative for three best-selling authors with a back catalog of over twenty titles.

At the meeting, the State of Washington nonprofit corporation registration, business license, and IRS communications were presented. By U.S. law Azure Fire Publishing is as of May 29, 2017, a full 501(c)(3) literary nonprofit charity.

Our next steps are:

  1. Establishing official partnerships with writing challenges, schools, and libraries.
  2. Completing our initial tax reporting filings as required by the IRS.
  3. Setting up our financial systems.
  4. Publishing our 20+ novel back catalog under the Azure Fire Publishing imprint.

Honestly, all of our volunteers and Directors are doing happy dances. It has taken considerable effort to get to this point, and many of us are still pinching ourselves to be sure we’ve really reached this milestone.

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