Fresh & Easy Way To Donate Low Balance Gift Cards

Remaining Gift Card Balance $0.59Your gift card balance is fifty-nine cents. What can you buy online for that? In today’s economy, not much.


Before you toss it out, have you ever thought of donating your low balance gift cards to Azure Fire Publishing?

Well, you can! The amount you have on there is too low to buy anything else anyway. Why not donate that small, leftover balance to inspire future science fiction fantasy readers and writers?

Why Donate to Azure Fire Publishing?

We’re a non-profit book publisher of family-friendly science fiction fantasy. We are working to inspire the imagination of the younger generation of readers and future writers worldwide. Not only does Azure Fire reach out to local communities and schools but we hold writing challenges that help young, aspiring scifi/fantasy writers to get their stories out there. We do what we do because we think that all readers deserve a space to enjoy great science fiction and fantasy books that are all about creating a safe space for readers to fall in love with stories of adventure, wonder, fantasy, and science.

Little Girl reading a book

All donations support our charity organization to get the word out about what we do as well as writing challenges,

publishing contracts, professional editing, cover designs, and marketing and promotion.

Donating your leftover gift card balance is not only a tax-deductible way to help us in our mission but also one of the quickest and simplest ways to pay it forward.

Think about it: Your gift helps inspire more children to read and possibly write stories about the future.

It doesn’t matter if you hold a branded gift card from Target, Amazon, Walmart or even Starbucks or if it’s just a regular Visa gift card: you can donate your low balance here.





Click here to donate your unused or leftover gift card balance to Azure Fire Publishing

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